Local Producer Pivots Expertise to Spotlight Your Family History

New Business, Spotlight Legacy Video Focuses on Heirloom Video Production

West Hartford, Connecticut - October 2, 2020 - Today, West Hartford native, Tom Ferdman, announced the launch of Spotlight Legacy Video, a video production firm focused on preserving family memories through the creation of heirloom videos. Ferdman brings his more than 30 years of video production experience and two EMMY wins for video editing to the project, alongside a team of tried and true professionals.

Spotlight Legacy Video offers a variety of options aimed at gathering the stories and personalities that make your family unique. These services include legacy videos that capture memories from those that have lived them, celebration videos that document the joy and togetherness of family gatherings, and tribute videos that capture a life well-lived,

“These challenging times have inspired us all to step back and take stock of what is most important,” says Ferdman, “Our services shine a light on what matters most to your family- to create modern heirlooms that can be passed down for generations.”

Packages start at just $1499 and range from a raw and real production, to a highly produced video package. As a highly personal and collaborative engagement, Ferdman is hands-on with every client, working with them to really bring out the most important moments and memories, providing each client with the best results for their budget.

“While I’ve been doing this kind of work for quite some time, the idea and the value came to me as my children and now grandchildren became curious about my history, my wife’s experiences, and even those of my parents and in-laws,” says Ferdman. “It’s one thing to share a funny or bittersweet story, but what happens when I’m no longer around to re-tell it? How will my legacy live on?”

Ferdman considers the world his HQ, going where his clients need him (which has taken Spotlight Legacy as far as Hawaii) but he is also available to safely meet with clients directly for initial consultations at West Hartford Coworking.

For more information on Spotlight Legacy and to reach out to Tom Ferdman directly, please visit www.spotlightlegacy.com.

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