Whispers and clues

Record your family stories – and let your future generations see you in living color

Are you one of those people who can easily share their family stories? Are you blessed to belong to a family who shared family history over cups of coffee, family meals, vacations, and special occasions? Have you been blessed to have heard an elder family member share their family history and life experiences?

Or, are some of your stories brought to life because you followed the clues: intensive genealogical research, visiting cemeteries, searching church or synagogue records, combing through a vast array of family photos (and if you’re lucky film or video), and public censuses? You, or your family members, may have found written testimony from previous generations? Through this research, you may be able to readily share these collected family stories with your own family.

Like me, your family stories may be attached to the time they lived in. World War II, the fabulous 50’s & 60’s, Vietnam, your heritage, your religion. The lives of those in your family are indelibly unique. You may think that they are unremarkable. I can assure you that they are not. They are irreplaceable nuggets of life well-lived and, at many times, full of wisdom. Meant to be kept and treasured for generations to come.

As a storyteller, I’m always interested to learn the stories of the people I come in contact with. We all have great memories of the history we lived (and some snippets of stories told). Yet, you may wonder and feel a void about some stories you weren’t completely privy to. Those who come after you may be in a similar place – playing that game of clue to trace what was never left behind – the full story.

Whispers from the past have brought me to where I am today. Whispers that say, “Help people tell those stories. Film them. And help them capture their family stories for generations to come.”

At Spotlight Legacy Video, we believe that these stories need to be preserved to avoid the void. Stories collected mean so much more than the moment – they will live on forever if you take the time to document them.

For whatever your reason, it’s critical to act now, to preserve your family history now, instead down the road, when you may not have the chance to preserve your family history. While it’s fresh on your mind, create this gem for yourself and your family.

Do you want to document your family stories before it’s too late? Do you want to avoid the void? Contact us at spotlightlegacyvideo@gmail.com to document your family stories in video. And, take a moment to like/follow us on social media, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.

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